Monday, 23 February 2015

Trending - Longline Sleeveless Jacket

Victoria Beckham, Olivia Palma and Nicole Sherzinger have all been snapped out and about wearing the latest trend, the longline jacket. This is my must have! I love how stylish and effortless they are. You can wear with jeans, tailored trousers or a good ol pair of flairs, whatever you pair it with, the sleeveless jacket is the ultimate power statement.

Here's just a few I found on the highstreet, currently lusting after...

1. Missguided £55, buy it here
2. Topshop £42, buy it here
3. Warehouse £45, buy it here
4. Missguided £40, buy it here
5. Lavish Alice £70, buy it here

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Red hot valentines

With valentines day just around the corner, Red is the hottest colour of the month! Well, to be frank, it's the hottest colour period, but especially this month!  

Need some inspiration for your valentines look? Check out my red hot favs:

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Home edition | Grey scale

My obsession with the colour grey is overtaking my house at the moment! I want it in every room, in every shade. I'm even looking at grey patio bricks for the garden! It has completely overwhelmed my interior wish list. Don't get me wrong, I love a splash of bold colour, and I think thats why grey is such a great foundation colour because it really makes bold colours stand out! 

I'm completely inspired by industrial and raw materials. Concrete, metal, exposed brick and reclaimed wood. As a newly qualified home owner I have become obsessed with finding one off collective pieces for the home! Ebay is a great place to find one off gems, equally, I found raiding the Grandparents home for vintage finds was just as successful, if not better! 

Here are some grey tone looks that I'm swooning after...

If you are after some great grey paint then I can highly recommend the vintage range from Crown. The paint goes on really nicely and they have some great tones. I used 'fade to Grey' in my living room and 'Easy Rider' throughout my hall way and living room. I feel both shades compliment each other and gives a great modern fresh base for the walls.

Thursday, 16 January 2014


So it's 2014 and I can officially say I'm getting married this year! The wedding planning is in full swing and its started with.......the wedding diet!

I guess I can say I have become quite complacent and content over the last year or so and no way fit to be a bride.....YET! So the trainers are back on, the carbs are out and I'm officially in the "GET FIT" zone! I've cut out all red meats, potatoes, pasta and bread! I've swapped the beer and wine for Vodka lime sodas and making sure I eat 3 healthy meals a day. Combined with some light workouts I have managed to shred 9 lbs in 2 weeks! I'll take that!

My best friend during all this has been my fitness pal on my phone. It is the ultimate diary for weight loss. It's basically a food diary that allows you to keep track on weight loss progression, nutrition on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, making sure you keep within your daily calorie allowance; and you can also befriend people and urge each other on. This has become my bible and its a great way of monitoring your daily intake. Download the app now! (myfitnesspal)

Another great app that I'm using daily is 'pacer'. Its an app that acts as a pedometer and tracks every step during the day and total calories burnt. The great thing is that you do not have to open the app or press start, it works its magic without doing anything, except walking of course! On average I do 5274 steps and burn approx. 130 calories a day. This doesn't include workouts, this is light activity throughout the day (i.e. walking to the train station) I love the fact I can monitor this, and the bonus is I can input this in 'my fitness pal' and add these burnt calories onto my daily allowance.  

One of the biggest learnings I have adapted to since eating healthy is weighing myself on a regular basis. I never weighed myself before so I completely lost track of my weight gain, so when I did finally jump back on the scales I was absolutely horrified! It's so easy to loose site of your weight when you don't keep on top of things, and you know what they say....Out of site, out of mind! Well I can tell you after that shock it is constantly in mind now!

I'm on day 15 but feeling great. I need to step it up a gear now and get some more workouts in now I've nailed the healthy meals. I will keep you posted with my progress! Wish me luck x